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The working principle of the far infrared sauna


2、 Working principle of far infrared sauna
Infrared is an electromagnetic wave, which accounts for 80% of the solar radiation energy. So far, electromagnetic waves collectively referred to as infrared are divided into near infrared, medium infrared and far infrared. Solar radiation includes γ Electromagnetic waves of all wavelengths, including X-rays, but only electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 4-1000 microns are far infrared. If converted by temperature, it is equivalent to 450 ℃ to minus 270 ℃, that is, the electromagnetic wave emitted by the radiation with lower temperature is far infrared.

3、 Far infrared sauna core

The core of far infrared ray is that its wavelength (4-1000 microns) overlaps with the wavelength emitted by the human body (the average body temperature is 36.5 ℃, which is converted into the wavelength of about 9.36 microns). The frequency band is in the same range, so it can activate the cells and molecules in the human body. This phenomenon is called resonance. It can activate cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and improve human immunity.