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Longte far infrared steam room


In September 2020, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, together with the Provincial Department of Finance, reviewed the filings of Wuxi City, put forward a list of cultivating companies and a plan for reward and subsidy, and announced the cultivating and warehousing of Wuxi Longte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Cultivation of high-tech enterprises into the warehouse means that the enterprise has not yet met the conditions for identification of high-tech enterprises, and applies for cultivation. After the cultivation is mature, it can apply for high-tech enterprises.
The characteristics of this cultivation and storage is that Wuxi Longte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. obtains the ownership of intellectual property rights that play a core technical supporting role for its main products (services) through independent research and development, assignment, donation, merger and acquisition, etc.
The role of cultivation and storage is to cultivate a group of outstanding enterprises with core key technologies and intellectual property rights, strong research and development strength, emphasis on industry-university-research cooperation, certain ability to transform achievements, and high growth potential.

The Langte brand under Wuxi Langte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the domestic leading brand of domestic and international home steaming equipment, and is the domestic "family steaming leader". The Langte steam room has created a new era of domestic private steaming. . Langte is composed of a high-quality and high-standard production center, a nationwide sound marketing center, and a product research and development testing center. Langte products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and more than 40 marketing service centers have been set up in China
Langte has obtained many international certifications such as CE, ELT, ROHS, etc. It is one of the few brands in China that has passed the quality supervision bureau and provincial home improvement tests. The research and development of the latest advanced technology has driven the technological progress of the industry. Langte strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system, strengthens quality management with high-demand standards, and improves the quality awareness of all employees.