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Four person sauna room
  • Four person sauna roomFour person sauna room
  • Four person sauna roomFour person sauna room

Four person sauna room

A four person sauna room is a larger version of a sauna room that typically accommodates up to four people at a time. Just like the three-person sauna, it operates with a temperature range of 150-195°F (65-90°C) and uses heated sauna rocks to create dry heat. The four-person sauna is suitable for small groups who want to enjoy a sauna session together and is a popular choice for home installation. Many public facilities, such as hotels, spas, and gyms, also offer four-person sauna rooms as part of their amenities. The four person sauna room can be made of various materials, including wood, tile, and stone, and can be found in different shapes and sizes depending on the user's preferences.

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Product Description

The features of a four person sauna room can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but they typically include:

Size: A four-person sauna is larger than smaller models, allowing more space for individuals to relax and move around comfortably.

Heating system: The heating system is designed to produce therapeutic heat with a temperature range of 150-195°F (65-90°C) using heated stones or infrared heating panels.

Seating: Four-person sauna rooms typically have built-in seating that accommodates four adults. These seats are often made from high-quality wood such as cedar or hemlock.

Control panel: The control panel is used to adjust the temperature, time, and lighting while inside the sauna.

Lighting: Four-person sauna rooms feature interior lighting that enhances the ambiance and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Ventilation: To ensure optimal air quality and prevent the buildup of moisture, four-person sauna rooms typically have ventilation systems that control the temperature and humidity levels.

Materials: Four-person sauna rooms can be made of different materials such as wood, tile, or stone. These materials can affect the look and feel of the sauna and may require different maintenance routines.

Overall, a four-person sauna is a larger version of a standard sauna that enables small groups to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of sauna therapy together.

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Four person sauna room Feature And Application

Foot Reflexology Therapy Floor Heater MP3 Aux Connection with 2 Dynamic Speakers (no radio required)

Chromo Therapy Light System by Infracolor

Full glass front for an open appearance

Three solid sides for maximum heat retention and efficiency

EMF is extremely low for safety.

Simple Clasp Together Construction

Improves the immune system and blood circulation Remove Cellulite and Improve Skin Tone

Toxins are removed, and waste is burned. In 30 minutes, you can burn up to 600 calories.

Arthritis and Bursitis Relief

Indoor installation requires a 110-volt, 20-amp plug. Only one fresh air vent for circulation of air inside digital controls for simple operation

Product Qualification

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A: Can we provide sauna room installation?

Q: Yes,we can

A: Can you put a sauna in the house?

Q: Yes,you can.

A: Are home saunas expensive to run?


A: What are the benefits of a home sauna?

Q: It can warm your body, reach your muscles and nerves, and is completely safe to use.

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