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What is the difference between a sweat room and a sauna?


Many people say that every day in summer sauna, why to go to sweat steam, many people think sweat steam is equal to sauna, but in fact, sweat steam and sauna have an essential difference. Sauna is the simple use of water vapor heating sweat, and sweat steaming is the use of electric gem infrared reflection principle, release negative ions, sub-ions, promote blood circulation and metabolism. Here are the differences:

1. What is a sauna? Through the heating of water into water vapor, water vapor contact with human skin, make the skin temperature rise, so as to accelerate the health effect of sweat excretion, generally need to be heated to about 60 degrees.

2. What is a sweat room? People in ms tomalin energy inside the room, through super far infrared ray, the action of biological light, make the body's cells to produce resonance, accelerate the blood circulation, is a kind of static movement, through its effect on human tissue, two-way adjusting human body's physiological function, promote the blood circulation, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, improve the function of the nervous system, improve the body immunity, Make the human body in the sweat at the same time, discharge harmful substances in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of health care, disease treatment, beauty. Sweating for 40 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 10 kilometers. The general heating temperature is about 42 to 44 degrees. Under the action of strong far infrared ray and abundant negative oxygen ions emitted from the sweat chamber, a large amount of body sweat is discharged and the body is promoted to carry on metabolism from the inside. Because the temperature of the sauna room is only slightly higher than the normal body temperature, and it is not as hot and humid as sauna, you can enjoy it at ease. Tomalin energy can reduce the burden of the body, with very obvious effect of detoxification, beauty and weight loss, is the most popular form of SPA in the world today.
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