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Sauna benefits


Types of saunas
Category Sauna is divided into dry and wet steam two ways. Steam sauna is a kind of vogue and health care double get recreational means, its be fond of person is numerous. Especially many women are more love in log cabin already reduce weight hairdressing, because this linger, never tired.

Sauna mechanism
Above all, understand the health care mechanism of sauna bath.
Traditional sauna refers to a special wooden room, in the hot stove barbecue unique rocks, the temperature of 70 degrees Celsius or more, and then a small amount of water on the rocks to produce impact steam, this way is called dry steam bath. Sauna can accelerate blood circulation, so that the muscles of all parts of the body are completely relaxed, to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, coruscate spirit. At the same time it has a certain effect on rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia and so on. In addition, traditional sauna bath its inherent health care effect, to the overworked person, is also a kind of advanced enjoyment and leisure.

Health care function
Below high temperature environment can make skin deep to produce internal heat effect, the whole body capillary gets dilate, the body perspires quantity exceeds the general activity greatly at ordinary times, this kind of carefree and large amount of perspire is helpful for discharging all kinds of garbage inside the body, also be helpful for the elimination of disease. At the same time, because the body repeatedly hot and cold dry steaming rinse, blood vessels get continuous contraction and expansion, exercise physiology is called: vascular gymnastics, it can achieve the enhancement of vascular elasticity, prevention of vascular hardening effect.

Sauna bath is carried out in the static state of high temperature environment, through the body sweat consumption of subcutaneous fat, so that you lose weight easily in comfort. According to test, sauna 10 minutes is equivalent to long-distance running 10 kilometers, because this has the effect that bodybuilding reduces weight. Additional, when the body dissolves hypodermic dirt in a large number of sweat, can improve the permeability of epidermal cell, activation cell, so still have hairdressing protect skin, delay the effect of aging. In the process of sauna, the body continuously absorbs the healthy trace elements emanating from the unique rocks on the furnace, which has the effect of preventing diseases.

Sauna is a special bathing method, which has both the functions of cleansing skin and curing diseases. It relieves pain and relaxes joints by alternating hot and cold. For skin, due to the skin blood vessels in the process of steam bath expansion, a large number of sweat, blood circulation is improved, and discharge sweat helps the body eliminate waste, make the skin in a variety of organizations get more nutrition, for many skin diseases such as ichthyosis, silver crumbs pain, skin pruritus, etc all have different degree of therapeutic effect.
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