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Precautions when taking a sauna


Taking a sauna can cause a series of systemic physiological changes. The environment of high temperature and high humidity speeds up the heartbeat and raises the blood pressure to a certain extent, but after soaking in cold water, the heartbeat slows down and the blood pressure drops. Therefore, the indoor temperature, humidity, and bathing time, including the number of heat and cold exchanges, must be strictly controlled. When you first bathe, you can only stay in the high-temperature steam room for 5 minutes, and then gradually extend the stay time in the high-humidity steam room. As sauna has a certain impact on the human body, it is not suitable to take a sauna in the following situations:

1. Patients with previous history of hypertension and heart disease. Because sauna baths cause a wide range of fluctuations in blood pressure, increase heart load, easily cause high blood pressure, heart attack, accidents and even life-threatening.

2. After a meal, especially within half an hour after a full meal. Taking a sauna bath immediately after a meal, the blood vessels of the skin are dilated, and a large amount of blood flows back to the skin, which affects the blood supply of the digestive organs, which is bound to affect the digestion and absorption of food, which is not good for health.

3. When overworked or hungry. When tired and hungry, the body's muscle tone is poor, and its tolerance to cold and heat stimuli is reduced, and it is easy to cause collapse.

4. It is best for menstruating women to avoid sauna bathing. Menstrual women's body resistance is reduced. When taking a sauna, cold and hot alternates repeatedly, which can easily cause colds and bacterial infections and endanger women's health.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you should never take a sauna, and you can do it occasionally. If you have already given birth, you can enjoy it with confidence. Sauna still has a certain health care effect on the human body: it can speed up blood circulation, completely relax the muscles of all parts of the body, and achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue and refreshing energy. At the same time, as the body is repeatedly washed with hot and cold dry steam, the blood vessels are continuously contracted and expanded, which can enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels and prevent the hardening of the blood vessels. At the same time, it has certain health benefits for arthritis, low back pain, bronchitis, neurasthenia and so on.
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