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The installation of the far infrared sauna


The installation of far infrared sauna room must pay attention to two aspects: on the one hand, the insulation of sauna room and the excessive wind of far infrared sauna room.

far infrared Sauna room insulation
The walls, ceiling and doors of the sauna room equipped with disinfectant swimming pool shall be properly insulated. In measuring the heater power request, a volume of approximately 1.2 cubic meters will be added per square meter of uninsulated details.

Appropriate moisture-proof treatment of the infrared sauna room should be carried out. The principle is to restrain the damp gas from entering the mechanism of the wall of another room. The moisture-proof installation should be installed between the heating insulation layer and the lath.

The heat insulation and moisture-proof installation of the swimming pool cleaning sauna room should be installed from the outside to the inside according to the following specifications.
1. The thickness of wall insulation shall not be less than 50mm, and the thickness of ceiling shall not be less than 100mm.

2. The best material is carton or aluminum foil as the vapor barrier layer, which is installed above the insulating aluminum foil.

3. A minimum of 20mm air slot shall be reserved between the steam barrier layer and the external lath.

4. In order to keep the back of the lath firm against the humid gas, a groove shall be reserved between the wall lath and the ceiling.