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The application of the far infrared sauna


Far infrared sauna is widely used in heating, drying, health, beauty, medical treatment, health care and so on. In the application of health care, 70% of the human body is water, and the excess fat and heavy metals are mixed between the water molecules in the body, which can activate the violent vibration of water molecules, remove and separate fat and heavy metals, and release the heavy metals and fats harmful to the human body. That is to say, far infrared sauna can not only give cell activity, but also eliminate toxins and garbage in the body.

If it is only used for heating, both near-infrared sauna and microwave have good effects, but the disadvantage of microwave and near-infrared is that they will burn people or objects and damage the structure of objects. For example, high-temperature dry seaweed will turn black and the fragrance will disappear, because chlorophyll is damaged by heating. If dried with far infrared, seaweed will become more bright green and pleasant aroma, because far infrared will not destroy chlorophyll and other components.