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Why infrared sauna is good for the people's health


Far infrared sauna is the light of life
The human body emits far-infrared rays all the time, and absorbs them all the time. Human life is inseparable from far-infrared rays from its origin to its occurrence and development. People usually feel that exposure to strong sunlight for a long time will burn their skin or suffer from heatstroke; But that is caused by ultraviolet and near-infrared rays in the sun's rays.

Far infrared sauna has no side effects on human body. So far, scientists and medical workers have not reported on the side effects of far infrared. For life and environment, it is a clean and safe energy. For human beings, far infrared is indispensable from the origin of life to the end of life; It dominates the growth of all things on the earth. It is often said that all things grow by the sun, that is, what we call far infrared; Therefore, people usually call it "the light of life".