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The Role of Three Person Red Cedar Carbon Fiber Heater Infrared Sauna(1)


The role of far infrared sauna room (1)
1. Continuously replenish the body's required calories, enhance the body's resistance, resist the invasion of severe cold, and effectively prevent various diseases caused by seasonal changes. Normally, the daily heat production of the human body mainly comes from exercise and food, and the continuous heat released by the nano-carbon fiber far-infrared thermal energy product can be used as a new way of supplementing heat energy, scientifically and effectively supplementing the part consumed by the human body Heat. Medical research shows that human body heat directly affects human body temperature. The body temperature is 1 degree lower than the normal body temperature of the human body, and the resistance will be reduced by more than 30%. Experts pointed out that when the temperature drops sharply, pay attention to cold and warm. First, cold stimulation can induce vasospasm, and it is easy to cause vascular embolism based on the original cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; second, as the weather sometimes warms, outdoor activities increase, and myocardial consumption The amount of oxygen also increases, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. Sudden contraction or relaxation of blood vessels is more likely to lead to the onset or recurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The heat released by the nano far-infrared thermal energy chip supplies the human body with thermal energy. After the constant thermal energy acts on the human body, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of the above situations.
2. Continuously emit heat through external sources, which can effectively stimulate the powerful far infrared rays. The super far infrared hyperthermia function can effectively improve the human body's microcirculation and promote metabolism. Science shows that the strength and stability of far-infrared sauna rooms are directly proportional to temperature. The far-infrared rays emitted by the carbon fiber heating plate are consistent with the far-infrared rays emitted by the human body, and the intensity and stability of the excited far-infrared rays are poor, and the physiotherapy effect is relatively weak. Different from ordinary far-infrared products, it can emit far-infrared rays continuously, stably and effectively under the excitation of heat energy of 38 to 60 degrees. The continuity, stability and effectiveness of its efficacy are far ahead of other heat sources. Far infrared rays penetrate into the superficial layers of human skin and resonate with water molecules to increase the speed of microcirculation blood flow, accelerate the excretion of metabolites and toxins in the body, promote the body's metabolism, and effectively improve the body's microcirculation.
3. The far-infrared sauna room thermal carbon fiber legal person board locates the acupoints of the human body, simulating thermal moxibustion to effectively stimulate the human body meridians, and comprehensively regulate human body function. The function of blood and viscera finally achieves the goal of channeling the meridians, regulating qi and blood, and balancing yin and yang, thus achieving the purpose of preventing and curing diseases. Acting on the continuous heat of the human body, it can expand blood vessels, reduce peripheral resistance, promote body metabolism, make human cells full of vitality, promote blood and lymph circulation, discharge pathological products, promote the repair of damaged tissues, enhance human immunity, and comprehensively care for the human body healthy. The far-infrared sauna heating plate radiates far-infrared, which can effectively stimulate the meridians of the human body like simulated thermal moxibustion, and fully regulate human body functions. The product targets the following acupoints for hyperthermia: Shenque, Dantian, Zhongwan, Tianshu, Mingmen, Shenshu, Yaoyangguan, Liuhua Moxibustion and other acupoints, which are all important acupoints for the human body.
4. The far-infrared sauna room has multi-level temperature adjustment and control to meet the needs of people of different physiques and functions. When using the far-infrared sauna, you can adjust the temperature by yourself.infrared sauna room