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What should you pay attention to when choosing a home steam room?


I believe that everyone will recognize that the home steam room will gradually become a standard for "improving life" or "enjoying life", and it will make us feel "beauty" and "good" in a real way.

For customers who are still hesitant to buy a steam room, or want to replace a new steam room, the following points can definitely help you make the best choice.

First of all, the appearance of the steam room, the first impression determines whether you are willing to keep your eyes on him for two more seconds. Fashion and the style of home decoration are also more concerned by many consumers. But no matter how beautiful he is, in the end we have to return to practicality, after all, no one will pay for such a large vase at home. The most suitable woods for a steam room are Canadian hemlock and red cedar, which is the highest grade of natural decay-resistant wood in North America. Its excellent anti-corrosion ability comes from an alcohol called Thujaplicins that grows naturally, and an acid called Thujic, which can be extracted from red cedar, ensures that the wood is not eroded by insects and does not need to be artificially Corrosion and pressure treatment. And red cedar has excellent stability, long service life, and is not easy to deform. In addition, it is also suitable for environments with high humidity, and its own attributes determine the value. Compared with red cedar, the hardness of hemlock is stronger, except that it is not as prominent as red cedar in color and luster.
Dr. Sang's steam room, since its establishment in 2005, has been working in the sauna steaming industry for 17 years, and has traveled to more than 500 cities, serving more than 100,000 families and more than 400,000 users. Each steam room has achieved point-to-point installation and after-sales service.

The complete appearance of a steam room requires 89 processes
Moreover, each process has strict checks and inspections, and this workload alone is beyond the comparison of ordinary household steam rooms. In addition to every process that strives for perfection, every piece of wood and heating system is strictly checked, and relevant test reports and patent certificates can be produced.

If the steam room is compared to a "car", then the heating system of the steam room is the engine of the "car". In the early years, carbon crystal plates and mica plates have been gradually replaced by non-radiation far-infrared graphene heating systems. Safety, environmental protection and non-radiation are the core components of the heating system of the steam room. The safety, efficiency and stability of the core components determine the market competitiveness of the product itself. Therefore, careful buyers should ask the merchant to provide the relevant product certificate and test report before purchasing.