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What are the precautions for choosing a home steam room?


The light wave of 6-14μm is the light wave required for the life of animals and plants, so it is called the light wave of life. The far-infrared steam room uses the light wave of life to resonate with human cells, thereby improving blood circulation, enhancing metabolism, improving human immune function, regulating Autonomic nerve, improve joint pain, analgesia and other functions.

Household electricity 220V interface, power 1600W, 900*900*1900mm size. It is less than one hour of electricity after working for one hour. It can be entered when it normally reaches room temperature, and the temperature of sweat steaming can reach 65° (the normal and suitable temperature of sweat steaming is about 45°). Dr. Sang’s steam room is guaranteed for 15 years (the heating system will be replaced free of charge within 15 years), and the service life of the heating system can reach 100,000 hours (equivalent to a steam room working 365 days without interruption, working 24 hours a day, can be used for 11 years).

Moreover, all of Dr. Sang's steaming rooms are closed-loop consumption from the factory directly to the consumer. There is no information difference between the service and after-sales, and it truly realizes the point-to-point service from the factory to the consumer. So as long as you place an order from Dr. Sang's Tmall flagship store, Jingdong flagship store, or customer service hotline, you don't need to worry about after-sales and service issues.