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The main application of far infrared ray in the field of medical treatment and rehabilitation


Because the far infrared ray is close to the vibration frequency of the cell molecules in the human body, the "life light wave" will cause the resonance of the atoms and molecules in the human body cells after penetrating into the body. Through the resonance absorption, the friction between molecules will generate heat to form a thermal reaction, promote the rise of the temperature in the deep subcutaneous layer, expand the microvessels, accelerate the blood circulation, help to remove the accumulation of blood vessels and harmful substances in the body, and remove the obstacles that hinder metabolism, Revitalize the tissue, promote the production of enzymes, and achieve the purpose of activating tissue cells, preventing aging and strengthening the immune system. So far infrared ray can improve and prevent many diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders.


Through the radiation effect of far infrared ray on the body joints, the body collagen tissue can be heated and stretched, thus reducing joint stiffness, muscle spasm, pain and other symptoms, and enhancing the blood circulation during the heating process.

Cardio-cerebrovascular disease

Because the far infrared ray can penetrate below 1.5 inches (about 40 mm) of the body surface skin, it can produce a heating effect on the deep muscle tissue and viscera, and the hypothalamus of the body responds to the increase of cardiac output and heart rate. This beneficial cardiac compression can well regulate and improve the function of heart and blood vessels.

Musculoskeletal disease

The far infrared radiation heat can treat sprain, strain, superficial vascular disease, muscle pain and other diseases.

Blood circulation and microcirculation

The use of far infrared ray can promote the temperature rise of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and make toxic substances in metal and food, lactic acid, free fatty acid, subcutaneous fat that cause fatigue and aging, and sodium ions that cause hypertension. As well as uric acid, which causes pain, and other obstacles hindering metabolism, are all removed, the tissues are reactivated, and the production of enzymes is promoted. In addition, after the activation of skin glands, the cosmetic residues accumulated in the capillary pores can be discharged directly from the skin and sweat without passing through the kidney, which can avoid increasing the burden on the kidney. So far infrared ray can improve and treat many diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders.


By using far-infrared radiation to the skin, the energy of each photon can just activate the skin tissue cells, increase the activity of enzymes, amino acids, nucleic acids and other living substances in the cells, promote the metabolism of melanin particles and the phagocytosis of white blood cells, and improve the regeneration ability and water fixation ability of cells. After the skin obtains energy through far-infrared radiation, it can quickly transfer the energy to other cells, It can make all layers of the skin resonate and recombine, make the epidermis smooth, repair the missing and broken fibrous connective tissue of the dermis, make the loose fat more compact and compact, rapidly increase the elasticity and glossiness of the skin, eliminate stains, acne, eliminate body odor and other diseases, and achieve the effect of whitening and beautifying the skin.

be senile

Many diseases are caused by aging of the body. Through infrared physical therapy, aging has been significantly slowed and improved. In addition, the use of far infrared radiation has a significant effect on coronary artery disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. All living things on the earth need far infrared ray and water to feed. The sun emits a large amount of infrared in the infrared spectrum. Only the infrared with the wavelength of 7-14 microns can reach the ground. The infrared with other wavelengths cannot reach the ground due to the effect of the atmosphere. The far outer absorption spectrum of water is 3 μ m and 6-12 μ m, and the absorption wavelength of animals and plants is 6-12 μ m. That is to say, the reason why the water and organic matter of the source of life can receive 3-12 microns of far-infrared light is here. So far infrared ray, which is indispensable to life on the earth, is also called "the line of life".

It can be seen that far infrared ray plays an important role in human beings and even everything.