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The benefits of using Yoga Sauna For One Person to sauna.


The main benefits of sauna are: detoxification and beauty, weight loss and slimming, prevention of cardiovascular disease, relieve stress, enhance immunity, improve sub-health state.

1, detoxification and beauty: in the process of sauna, the body will sweat a lot, the toxins in the body will be discharged through sweat, and the skin will become better naturally.

2, lose weight and slim down: in the process of sauna, human metabolism is accelerated, can consume a lot of excess fat under the skin, so as to lose weight and slim down.

3, prevention of cardiovascular disease: in the process of sauna, skin capillaries in a dilated state, can effectively enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, has a good effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

4. Relieve pressure: In the process of sauna, the whole body is in a very relaxed state, which can release pressure and relieve irritability very well.

5, enhance immunity: in the process of sauna, the dormant cells of the body can be activated, which has a good effect on enhancing immunity and preventing diseases.

6. Improve sub-health status: In the process of sauna, blood circulation is accelerated and the body is relaxed, which has certain effect on improving insomnia, neurasthenia and other sub-health status.