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Sambos' first community health store: Pain Yu Tang Jingdong Health store opened!


On March 5th, 2023, a sunny day, Dr. Sang's first offline community health physiotherapy shop, Pain Yu Tang-Jingdong Health (Dongfang Haiyue Garden store), had its soft opening!

Tongyu Tang-Jingdong Health Store cooperated with the Property Office of Oriental Haiyue Garden to conduct a health promotion activity entitled "Health to Thousands of Families", offering free physical examination, traditional Chinese medicine inquiry and health lectures to the owners of the community. Give the community owners a real health protection.

Pain Yu Tang - Jingdong Health Store is a brand of Sang Doctor "Pain Yu Tang" and Jingdong University health strong joint, the first comprehensive health + health + technology + service as one of the new comprehensive physiotherapy health wisdom community center store; Take the community as the center, rely on the store, radiate the community residents around 5 kilometers, to provide nearby physiotherapy health services for tens of thousands of people; Our services include four categories:
1. Physical examination
Jingdong Health AI intelligent preliminary screening robot physical examination (including more than 60 health indicators screening, detection and analysis of eight human systems and provide detection reports).
2. Use of health treatment equipment
Automatic multifunctional intelligent foot massage machine (deep foot massage), Dr. Sang graphene physiotherapy moxibustion chair, Dr. Sang far infrared physiotherapy foot nourishing bucket, dispelling dampness Rubik's Cube.
3. Professional pain management
Knee conditioning, neck and shoulder conditioning, waist and back conditioning, chronic disease conditioning physiotherapy, body meridian dredging.
4. Convenient service
Chess room, traditional Chinese medicine consultation, health knowledge lecture, dynamic electronic health records, diet planning advice, hairdressing.

Pain Yu Tang - Jingdong Health store employs professional physiotherapists of traditional Chinese medicine, all physiotherapists are licensed to work!