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What benefit does far infrared ray have to the body?


1. Activating cell function to purify blood
To reactivate water molecules, 70% of the human body is water, and 80% of the blood is water. If the blood gas is insufficient, the water molecules in the blood will form inert water (four hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom) and cannot pass through cell membranes. Far infrared ray can make water molecules resonate and become independent water molecules (that is, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine), improve the oxygen content of the body, so that the cells can restore vitality, spirit more vibrant, more flexible mind, and thus improve the resistance to disease, delay aging.

2. Improve the microcirculation system
Individual water molecules can freely enter and exit between cells, and through resonance, heat energy is converted, which makes the temperature under the skin slightly rise, and blood flow is accelerated. The more open the microfilament blood vessels are, the pressure on the heart can be reduced. The function of the microfilament blood vessels is to supply oxygen and nutrients to the 60 trillion cells of the human body, and at the same time expel waste products from the body. If the microcirculatory system is faulty, it can lead to a variety of problems, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, tumors, arthritis, cold limbs paralysis, etc. Adult micro
The total length of silk blood vessels can be around the earth three weeks, known as the second heart of the human body, showing its importance.

3. Boost your metabolism
The improvement of the microcirculatory system enables the rapid removal of waste products from the body, alleviating the pressure on the liver and kidneys. These wastes include heavy metals that cause cancer, lactic acid, free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat that cause fatigue and ageing, uranium ions that cause high blood pressure, and uric acid that causes pain.

4. Balance your body's pH
Far infrared ray can purify the blood, improve skin quality, prevention, caused by excessive uric acid and bow | bone joint pain. Far infrared products include underwear, waist protection, knee pads, mattresses, pillows and quilts. The main function is to promote the blood circulation of different parts of the body, prevent pain and discomfort, eliminate fatigue, and prevent diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, hyperosteogenesis, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylitis, lumbago, paralysis of hands and feet, etc.

5. Relieve inflammation and pain
Anti-inflammatory effect:
a) The thermal action of far infrared eliminates the pathological process of inflammation through the neurohumoral response, accelerates the recovery of the original damaged physiological balance, improves the local and systemic resistance to disease, activates the function of immune cells, strengthens the phagocytosis function of white blood cells and reticuloderma cells, and achieves the purpose of anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasis.
b) Infrared thermal effect increases skin temperature, reduces sympathetic sensitivity, releases vasodulatory active substances, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood flow, improves blood circulation, enhances tissue nutrition, activates tissue metabolism, improves cell oxygen supply, improves the state of blood and oxygen supply in focal areas, strengthens cell regeneration ability, controls the development of inflammation and localizes it. It accelerates the repair of the lesion.
c) The far-infrared thermal effect improves the microcirculation, establishes collateral circulation, enhances the stability of cell membrane, adjusts the concentration of ions, improves osmotic pressure, accelerates the discharge of metabolites of toxic substances, accelerates the absorption of exudate, and leads to the subtraction of inflammation and edema.
Analgesic effect:
The thermal effect of infrared reduces the excitability of nerve endings. The improvement of blood circulation, the regression of edema, the reduction of chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings; The heat effect of far infrared raises the pain threshold, and all of the above play a role in relieving pain.
6: Reduce free radicals
The comprehensiveness and deep penetration of far infrared radiation can cause deep heat effect in the body, which can activate cells, improve tissue regeneration ability, promote cell growth, strengthen liver function, improve liver detoxification and detoxification, keep the visceral environment in good condition, improve the body's self-circulatory system performance, and help timely discharge excess "free radicals" known as health killers.

7. Release negative oxygen ions
As far infrared ray has the property of producing negative ions, the PH value of human body is about 7.36-7.44 range, PH below 7.36 is acidic, PH above 7.44 is basic. If the body is more acidic, it will be weak and easy to get sick, and more alkaline, it can have better natural healing power and healthy body. Exposure to far infrared radiation can gradually change the body from acidic to alkaline because it promotes the release of negative ions. Although 60% of the human body to _ for water, but usually the structure of water is not only water, often air and many other substances will be mixed, impurities will make the water expansion than the original water molecules, this state of water quality for the body, is very unsuitable. Because the volume of water is originally so small, it can easily pass through cell membranes and deliver calcium ions needed for cell activation. But if the water contains mineral impurities, especially pollution substances, its volume will become relatively large, not only not easy to pass through the cell membrane, the activity of the cell will also be attenuated, thus affecting the health of the body.
At this time, if you can use the far infrared ray, irradiate the water in this state, it will produce negative ions, and cut off the water structure that has become larger, so that its volume becomes smaller and it is easy to cross the cell membrane. This is the activation of large groups of water into smaller groups of water. In addition, the polluted substances contained in the water can also be squeezed out at the same time, so that the water can not only recover its original size, but also quickly enter the cells, activate the cells and improve metabolic activities. On the other hand, the polluted substances squeezed out will be easily discharged from the body.

8. Reduce fat, detox and lose weight
Due to the excess water, salt and subcutaneous fat in the human body, after heating activation with sweat discharge, especially when the fat is around 40 degrees, the water solubility is enhanced, more convenient to discharge, so it has the effect of fat elimination and detoxification and weight loss. 20-30 minutes of far-infrared light wave bath, its sweating is equivalent to long-distance running - ten thousand meters, is any other short-term exercise weight loss effect can not be matched, for not good at or not convenient exercise, and want to lose weight is an ideal choice.